Lenovo: RT Tablets to Cost $300 Less than Windows 8 Slates



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Even if they gave them away for free, I wouldn't use any device sporting Windows 8.



Good for you, the rest of us that are interested in these products will use them happily. But if they did give them away for free I'd snag one up in a heart beat.



good article.



$300? Totally worth the extra cost. RT is about as useful as the HP Touchpad.



Yeah that 199 price mark is far far too low, I'd expect 300 or 350. Maybe even 400 for the RT version. The Pro I'm expecting it to go for around at least 699.



My feeling is that if Microsoft prices the RT tablets cheaply enough, people that aren't interested in getting an iPad will pick them up, but at the same time, depending on the packaging and marketing, if Microsoft doesn't expressly state that "THIS IS A WINDOWS RT TABLET NOT A WINDOWS 8 TABLET", it's going to cause problems.

At the very least there will be a lot of returns. Someone is going to see a slick ad somewhere for a Windows 8 "PRO" x86 tablet, get the impression that all "Windows 8" tablets can run identical software and programs and do the same things and run into the store, carelessly, and accidentally pick up an RT tablet, because the price will be noticeably lower than the price marked for the "PRO" tablets.

They will think that they're getting over on pricing or getting this huge bargain, when in reality, they are losing a lot of the functionality that they are purchasing the tablet for in the first place.

It's not going to be the end of the world, but it will be a headache for a few retailers.

Maybe I'm wrong though, who knows.



While I know this is referring to Joe Schmoe who doesn't know the different between storage gigs and memory gigs, this would come down to the retailers training their staff and making the proactive move to clarify the confusion of the customers.

Also, even if it is the above mentioned non-techie customer... If you are getting $200 off of something at Best Buy or Walmart... Then lights should go off for you to investigate further, if not then there is no helping you.

I know common sense in this world is dead, but the only way for people to learn this skill is to learn the hard way, holding everyone's hand through everything just teaches them to depend on it constantly.


Bullwinkle J Moose

Well, I'm not that impressed with the X86 version of Windows 8 as far as usability or compatibility goes either

A LOT of my portable XP software will not work in Windows 8

So you lose a lot of X86 compatibility with the X86 version of Windows 8 as well



We've all gotten spoiled by how well Microsoft has always supported legacy software. I agree with you that it sucks, but at some point Microsoft just has to cut the cord in order to make progress.

Windows XP was released in 2001...



Windows 2000 was released in late 1999 and gave us the NT5 kernelset

Windows 98 was released in late 1997 and gave us the Win32 subsystem

MS-DOS 5.0.500 is the basis for the boot/pre-boot environment for all NT releases on x86 prior to Vista

the above are the 3 components of XP
plus numerous buggy, insecure API additions!

...you're more correct georgey than you realized!!


Bullwinkle J Moose

I would have made just an Internet Tablet OS without any pretension of X86 support and then a standalone version for desktops designed more for actual offline work than Internet play

Windows XP is still my choice if I need to get some work done

To many DRM limitations in Windows 7

Windows 8 is just for Net surfing so you might as well ditch the X86 support and start working on a STEAM port for the ARM version and your done


Peanut Fox

You mean something similar to what Google does with their Chrome notebook?

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