Lenovo Reveals ThinkPad X1 Carbon Ultrabook, Claims World's Lightest 14-Incher



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Considering this is by Lenovo which already makes slightly more expensive laptops and that the shell is built from carbon fiber, this will be really expensive. I'm going to guess at least $1700. Not to mention you'll be paying a price premium for having on of the lightest ultrabooks around.





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Light and fast, perhaps. It definitely looks sleek.

But I don't think that price will be attractive at all, and definitely not if we're talking an SSD and decent discrete graphics... Stick with desktop replacements.



I'm guessing $1400.


Peanut Fox

I think you may be right. Which just seems like too much cash when you can get a 17" notebook with highend discrete graphics. If they can get it to that mythical $999 it will be an attractive buy.



The purpose of this machine is durability and low weight. If you can find a 17" laptop with discrete graphics for under 3 pounds, I suggest you call Guinness immediately.


Peanut Fox

Less weight is always great, but I don't think that a nearly four pound notebook is exponentially easier to carry around than a six to eight pound unit, especially when the price can be up to five hundred dollars more with less connectivity, fewer features, and less performance.

I can see the appeal for thin and lights, but units like this Ultrabook will continue to sell poorly and remain out of the grasp of the mainstream unless they can get the price closer to triple digit numbers. None of the manufacturers are singing the praises of the Ultrabook (yet). They all complain that they're too expensive to manufacture.

HP offering it's Sleekbook line, and loading units up with a Trinity based option is a very good idea. You get a notebook that's sub $800 with plenty of CPU performance, a beefier GPU, and is every bit as easy to carry as units like this one at half to a third of the price. That is a far more appealing offering than what we currently have available. Ultrabooks that compete in price with desktop replacements are going to remain a hard sell.



Talking about price when it comes to anything described with the words 'carbon fibre', is missing the point. :p

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