Lenovo Recalls Over 50K AIO PCs Due To Risk Of Fire Hazard



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Good ol China QC, nothing like horribly dangerous products with fake UL stamps built as cheaply as possible with no concern or regard and maybe even disdain for end users.

Screw them, all because some six sigma somewhere wanted to carve out another nickel in the name of "shareholder equity"; worst of all consumers and the company will now eat the cost of building properly in the first place since the initial suppliers only take cash up front and offer no warranty or support.


The Corrupted One

That's why you don't play Crysis on an all in one.


Keith E. Whisman

Look for these to be sold on ebay really cheap, they'll probably ship with a bag or two of marsh-mellows.


Keith E. Whisman

So you should probably use these computers a safe distance from stored open buckets of high octane gasoline that you probably have laying around throughout your homes and offices.



Holy crap, this totally happened to one of my friends at the shop the other day. He was working on it and it freaked out and started smoking like crazy. Whats really funny is MISD in TX purchased roughly 2000 of these so that should be fun replacing all of those. I know they will becuase on ecaught fire in the classroom, lol. No one was injured but still...



now thats one hot computer

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