Lenovo Quietly Launches ThinkPad X220 and X220T



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Well, I love my convertible dearly, but I'm looking at myself and asking 1.) every other convertible in the world is a 12.1, does .4 inches that invalidates so many accessories really seem that important and 2.) only a core i3? really? considering the processing required by some touch/pen apps, it seems a bit skimpy.



I'm not a fan of smaller (in terms of screen size) computers, but the ThinkPad X220 Tablet looks like it would be worth considering, especially with a Second-Gen processor, touch screen, long battery life, and light weight.

With a markdown of around $700 bucks, it may be the perfect time to buy one.



I still have a Thinkpad X61t that I use religiously, and it has about the same screen size, and is 5 years old. Still get 7.5 hours on battery running Vista, may upgrade to Win 7 one day, but it runs it great. I did just buy their new Edge laptop, which released yesterday, so it should ship soon I hope.

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