Lenovo Pushes Back Skylight Smartbook Release



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Rather than calling it ugly, I'd call it childish looking. And with an extra half inch width, all that space above could be utilized for the screen... Sad mistake...



Hideous.  It looks like its own tombstone.


Keith E. Whisman

Now everyone here thats been here a while will try and remember back in the day when Netbooks first started out I was the one pointing out how great it would be if someone would start producing a convertable laptop to be used as a tablet because I knew a tablet would be awesome to have. I fell in love with the idea of a tablet computer when I saw one in Star Trek 3 The Search for Spock when that Tablet mocked the Captain of the USS Excelsior. The Ship broke and it told him Good Morning Captain.



Wayyyyy too much unused space above the monitor...



That... is one ugly piece of hardware... I could practically see myself toting around an iPad before bringing this ugly sucker out. 

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