Lenovo Looking to Buy More Companies to Boost Its Market Share



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Just because the economy doesn't smell like roses doesn't mean that every business is going to experience massive troubles or that they can't expand if things look bright for them. It just isn't going to be the trend... even more importantly, as the economy gets worse they can acquire solid businesses for less money. Thereby strengthening their product lines and portfolios in a cost effective way. Assuming that because things aren't looking great right now means businesses should hang back on expansion is idiotic.

 Economic downturns are great times to make money if you know what you are doing and have the cash to make it happen.  



How many peopel actually use Lenovo(which is IBM)? Honestly, i don't even use Fujitsu (Fuji). This may prove profitable for both companies, so they can stay working and alive instead of being failures.

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