Lenovo Leapfrogs Dell in Record Breaking Second Quarter,



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I think you meant to write "fact".



So what is Lenovo and Dell's respective market share now? Nothing in the article stating share or at least a link to the report. What is HP's share as well.



Lenovo's press release is linked in the quote. But as far as market share numbers go, as of the second week of October, Gartner had HP at 17.7 percent, Lenovo at 13.5 percent, and Dell at 11.6 percent, and IDC had HP at 16.65 percent, Lenovo at 12.57 percent, and Dell at 11 percent.



Sorry, I meant to state a market share report, as I did read their quarterly report. Thanks for posting the info regarding market share.. That is a big hit Dell has taken in market share, as last quarter I think they were at 12.7% and Lenovo at 12.1% Now just waiting on the Lenovo repsonse that they will be number one by Q3 of next year.

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