Lenovo Leapfrogs Acer in Worldwide PC Shipments, Asus Joins the Party



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I do not doubt Lenovo's ability to supplant Dell as the 2nd largest seller by year end. Look at overall market share, Dell 12.9%, Lenovo 12.2%. Another quarter like this, and Lenovo will have outpaced Dell, and replaced them as the 2nd largest seller. Considering Lenovo has now moved into the European consumer market, with them holding a 26% market shaer int he enterprise (number 1 btw, with Dell at 2 with 16%), and Lenovo basically owning Asia, 34% in China, 26% in Japan, 70% in India enterprise market. As they continue their marketing push, it would not surpise me to see them eventually overtake HP in time as well.

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