Lenovo Launches New Lineup of IdeaPad Laptops and Desktops



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One of my buddies has a Lenovo G555 and one year later, it still runs well without a hitch, but the base is cracked to sh*t. It's kind of like the first Japanese cars: they run and run but they weren't engineered for structural durability. The lid is very loose and feels like it's going to snap off, and the base (which is a foundation for the laptop) is weak...there's little structural support between the motherboard access cover and the edge of the base, which happens to be where the heatsink vent is (heat WEAKENS plastic). Obviously, a real engineer wasn't designing the G-series notebooks (and many low-to-midrange Acer, Toshiba and HP models with a similar design).

Maybe, just MAYBE they corrected the structural strength of their non-Thinkpad models.



I think Lenovo is great at marketing their products, I have to give them credit for that. Who doesnt like some of the most competitive prices there are and more customization options... if only they could work on their support and repair sections. I have a Y570 and it has bluescreened weekly since I got it back from its first repair... which proved nothing more than a software issue. Otherwise I love the thing, its zippy, sleek, and runs cirlces around any other $1000 computer my friends have.

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