Lenovo IdeaPad YOGA Is An Ultrabook With A Tablet Twist, Or Bend, Or Something



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Windows 8 will be the fastest selling version of Windows to date. I guarantee it. You guys are all just far too close-minded and stubborn to realize the potential of the Metro interface.

Functional icons (aka Live Tiles) are going to go down as one of the most important graphical interface features of this decade. The Metro API's ability to allow applications to connect seamlessly with each other and throughout the OS is going to set the standard for OS API design for many years to come. And Windows 8's Windows Live integration is by far the most complete cloud computing solution in the world.

The thing I'm noticing about Windows 8 is that common non-technically inclined people are obviously very interested in Windows 8, and the most technically inclined people (developers, software and hardware engineers) are also extremely interested in Windows 8 because they have the creativity and foresight to see what Windows 8 really means for the world of technology. The only people not interested in Windows 8 are people who THINK that they're technically inclined, are generally in the 40-60 year old range, don't understand the concept of GUI progression, hated Windows Vista because it was the cool thing to do, and refuse to accept any form of social networking or cloud computing all because of their stubbornness (ie. the majority of the commentors on this website). And to all those people, you're more than welcome to continue using Windows XP and Windows 7. But you're being left in the dust to those of us who accept new technology, progression, and reap the benefits of an "always connected" lifestyle day-in and day-out. And I'll tell you one thing for sure, it's a lot more fun being on the side who is excited about where new technology is going and buy directly into this new "always connected" and "cloud" based lifestyle then being on the side where everybody just bitches and complains about even the slightest GUI change or security conspiracy theory they can come up with.



That's a nice piece of marketing or advertising for Windows 8. You must work for Microsoft, are a W8 App developer or in some way will profit from Win8 adoption. You probably forwarded the link to this story to your boss.

Your opinion is laughable and borders on pure arrogance. Your drinking the M$ Kool-Aid for sure but most PC users are not like Apple sheep that buy into anything they put out.

I know some people think Metro is great but it looks like they are in the minority. But Win8 could be sort of successful if M$ just puts it out as a tablet OS and puts out a version for PCs and business. But the W8DP OS I installed was the biggest disappointment. As is it will be a bigger failure than Vista.





"Would multi-use notebooks like this make you more inclined to embrace Windows 8 with open ARMs?"


Windows 8 is DOA unless major changes are made!


Just look at the picture! It's an ugly POS interface designed for a smartphone. Good Luck! 



How do you hold it if the keyboard is exposed on the bottom of the tablet?



I agree that windows 8, unless the beta is different in substantial ways from the DP... will doom M$ in a webified world where the OS is no longer king.

I also wonder about this item's functionality. I dearly love my TX2 conveertible, but this is a different methodology, and I wonder how they intend to handle the exposed keyboard when you use it in tablet (IE preventing inadvertant keystrokes)



If I were designing it, I think the intutive method would be to ingnore key strokes after a certian degree, and display a small pop-up notification when the threshold is passed in either direction.

That said, I have no idea what it actually will do, and I'm concerned about prying off keys when they snatch on your trousers.



Well, I think you could get away with key-mapping a few keys, perhaps the left and right CTRL keys, to functions such as rotate. but otherwise, I agree. especially if it's chiclet style keys, those thigs are so prone to catching anything loose, like a lanyard



Not with that awful interface their not.

If that crap can't be turned off, Windows 8 is going to be an epic failure.

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