Lenovo IdeaCentre K210 Sports Stylish Design and Fights Germs



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Heh, we can laugh about the keyboard, but honestly...  Family-shared desktops can get pretty grungy.  Someone gets sick and the ol' 'puter is one of those "hotspots" that you can put a safe bet on everyone touching at some point in a 24-hour span...  I mean, it's funny, but...  For any situation where a desktop might be getting shared between a bunch of people, it's honestly not a bad idea.



 It's a black Mac . ? not bad i suppose, face software seems cool, but i doubt it works as most of us would think.

We plan for Tomorrow, but we Live for Today



I have seen demos of the facial recognition and as long as you don't pull a michael jackson on your face, it'll recognize you just fine.

-- Johnathan Lyman --

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