Lenovo Goes After The Nexus 7 With a Revamped Lineup of Tablets



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I recently picked up Lenovo's A2109A and it's great. No, it doesn't have a high end display, but it's good enough for what I do. It has a quad core Tegra cpu, runs Jelly Bean, and it's fast enough to let me do my IT work from home without lugging my laptop every night. Did I mention it only cost me $220? You keep your overly expensive iProducts, I'm happy with this...



I am not loyal to any one OEM. Make a good product at a good price point and I am interested. I look forward to trying one out....



I've had a change of heart: I realized that Apple products are priced way too high! I also realized that Google, MS and other large corporations (including Apple) are just businesses trying to make a profit - not large government-backed conspiracies bent on spying in on my personal life. They just sell products and I can buy into them if I like, or not. I apologize for all the trolling that I have done with my many accounts.

And truth be told - I really do like Lenovo - I am using one of their laptops right now! And I agree that Lenovo may have the right idea of producing a more reasonably-priced tablet that can be used by larger sections of the market.


Peanut Fox

Lenovo may have the right idea. There's no point in trying to sell an expensive tablet that isn't an iPad. None of the highend Android or Windows RT based devices have fared well.



When I can do 100% of my work on an iPaad... including running a full development environment, then I will consider using one.

Your comparison of high-end Android to Windows RT devices is interesting... as I consider all Windows RT devices to be consumer grade, that would make all Android and Apple consumer grade as well. My point exactly.

The Surface Pro has done exceptionally well. The SECOND round of Surface Pro's hit the Microsoft Store and Best Buy's the last Thursday. I believe each Best Buy received at least 6. All ten Best Buy's within an hour of my office are now sold out... and the Microsoft online store is sold out as well. Sounds like they have a hit.

If you plan on playing Angry Birds all day, get an iPad or Android device.

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