Lenovo to Foray into Tablets with LePad



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Called whatever you want , I don't care it's almost end of July and we still don't have " Ipad  killer ". All we hear that there is another " tablet " coming blah , blah for a god sake another blah.



Seriously after their ThinkPads and Ideapads they should've called it a WonderPad or PonderPad or something along the lines of thinking.




Hg Dragon

*make obligatory "LeCar" joke*




This is old news, as Lenovo announced this back in January when they demo'd their Ideapad U1 and Skylight offering as well. The U1 is my choice, as it is a hybrid laptop/tablet, that is delayed until second half of this year, as they are replacing the Linux OS with Android on the slate plus upgrading the 1GB snapdragon proc with a dual core snapdragon processor for the slate. In laptop mode it will run an Intel pro with 4GB of ram and Win 7, but when you detach the screen it will seemlessly switch to Android. http://lenovoblogs.com/insidethebox/?p=428



What is with all the retarded names for tablets? LePad sounds like something French women use once a month.

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