Lenovo Confident of Besting Surface with 'Better Hardware'



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That's goregeous! if it came with Android, I'd be all over that!



I've seen the pricing on Lenovo products so I'm confident that they can come up with hardware that will blow the Surface Pro out of the water, but at the same time I have to ask what these Lenovo Windows 8 products might cost, and how many body parts I might have to sell to afford them?

If they can come up with a Pro x86 tablet that has decent to good battery life and performance, as well as "reasonable" storage space, they will probably sell a lot, but if the price is too high, as their higher end products tend to be, they won't steal much market share from Apple, but they will sell well to the typical Lenovo customer that is comfortable with their price points and products.

I know there is information on the Thinkpad Tablet 2 Windows 8 Pro tablet, but I want something with a "full" i5 or i7 processor, not an "Atom".

Maybe the "Atom" will be okay for a lot of users, but I have the feeling that it will choke on a lot of things. I would rather pay more up front for the guarantee of a smoother experience.

I would definitely pay more, initially, for more storage space, because to me that's investing in a longer life span for the device, especially if it's a tablet or something with generally low storage space.



Would be interesting to see what they come up with, because their Android tablets have been pretty middle of the road. I like Lenovo's design on their business laptops and if they make a RT tablet, I may be convinced to part with more money. :)

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