Lenovo CEO Steps Down after Dismal Quarter



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He should have resigned a long time ago considering that awful goatee; seriously, it looks like it was applied using the spray can tool in Paint.  Too bad, though; Lenovo makes a quality laptop.  It seems kind of unfair considering the dismal economy we're in.



I think he looks uncannily like an ancient toy that had a cartoon bald man's face inside a cardboard and clear plastic topped- case with some iron filings. You distributed those filings with a red plastic "magic wand" (magnet) to put hair where you wanted it. Hmm, can't remember what it was called, it was so long ago. Wtf was I talking about? Oh well....

Hey, it was called Wooly Willy! An interactive toy!





Still the best PC laptops out there. Who isn't losing money right now?

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