Lenovo and Intel Launch Classmate+ Laptop for Schools



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@MrBlueCheese: I managed to test Windows 7 RC in Virtualbox w/ 12-15GB and it installed w/ no problems before buying.The absolute minimum really probably only is ~8 GB, because I had 4 GB to spare.

@d3v: Yeah, I wish we could deploy Ubuntu or other Linux in schools, but admins choose to deploy either Windows because that's all they know, or they choose Macs because Macs are often "set and forgotten" and really require no administration for the average grade school classroom (lazy admins might do this). They just chug along until they blow something that can't be replaced, and the district just hands Apple another $900-1500 for a replacement. The tech departments of many districts really don't pay attention to the Mac-centric grade schools (at least in my district) because they're set and forgotten. There's no roaming profiles and standardization--the teacher is the sysadmin of the classroom's Macs. Ubuntu would be a great alternative, but I realize that it's not one-size-fits-all. It pisses me off, though, that school districts claim their budgets are hurting yet they continue to buy the $1000+ (each) devices with the piece of bitten fruit on the front (and back). If I was director of IT, Apples would no longer be bought. Not even for the graphics/digital design classes at the high school level (Quark Xpress/Adobe Creative Suite, etc have Windows equivalents). I would try to deploy Linux where appropriate (general classes that need a PC for word processing, network and Internet access, like a history class) and Windows where it's needed (classes that use Visual Studio, Photoshop (just as capable on Windows as is on a Mac), yada yada. I *love* Linux/Ubuntu, but it's not be-all-end-all, and Windows can be good when you customize it for security (e.g. disable IE, default admin account, Group Policy,  add a 3rd party firewall, all that other good stuff).

btw, Macs have their place, by the way, but school districts have no good excuse to spend money on one computer that can buy two or three. I don't hate Macs, it's just that they're not cost justifiable.



"8GB/16GB SSD or 160GB/250GB HDD"

I think i've found a mistake.

8GB or 16GB SSD isn't enough room to support Windows 7.

Windows 7 requires at least 20GB's in order to run.

Anyway, i wonder if other companies are going to follow suit in adopting learning PC's.



They should be using Linux. Stable, free and malware safe. Also cute penguins will go down well with school children.



I'm just happy Lenovo's attempting to put a stop to K-8 buying Macs (which are overpriced for its capabilities). Every grade school seems to be using all Macs. I prefer Linux over Windows personally, but I think even Windows PCs would be the better value! I mean, gosh, it's not exactly appetizing that a kindergarten classroom has $1500 computers (times eight or more) when a $400-$600 PC is much more capable. Yes, I know that Macs are apparently easier to use for school kids and it doesn't come with half the problems that Windows has (crashes, malware...), but if you get a knowledgeable admin in who can use Group Policy, Active Directory and other administrative tools to its best capabilities, a cheap Windows PC will then be comparable to a Mac. I hope this Classmate+ idea takes off.

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