Lenovo 5-inch Android Tablet Breaks Cover in Leaked Photos



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Is it a tablet or a smartphone?????

next thing we know, the latest updates for all current tablets will enable phone calls (not like the OS doesnt already support it or anything)


can you imaging holding a 10in tablet up to your ear? haha



This may be the first of a new trend of 'crossover' phone/ tablets. Smartphones gained their early traction by allowing users to no longer have to carry multiple devices such as a PDA, cell phone and notebook. For some this could combine their tablet and smartphone if properly equipped.



5 inches. Any smaller and it should be a phone. Any bigger and it would be media tablet (Nook/Kindle). So 5 inches is really good for nothing. What a terrible size selelction.



It would almost have to be a hybrid, otherwise what's the point?  I can get a Droid Razr with a 4.3" screen...

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