Legislators Draft "Digital Bill Of Rights," Want Your Help Tweaking It



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Digital citizen ....

That could be taken in a few different ways, and definately begs the question...
"What about flesh and blood citizens of earth?"

Does digital citizen imply that these rights are passed
on to those of us who submit to the Facebook nation and gain citizenship to the leaders of that dictatorship functioning under the guidance of the very same people who write sopa and similar bills. Once you are a citizen you are subject to all the laws of that nation, or more accurately empire, not just its bill of rights.

I remember another country that started with a bill of rights. Then it became funded by privatized bankers. Then it became corrupted and created laws to enslave the population under a new type of slavery; economic slavery.

Economic slavery: where the slaves have to clothe and feed themselves.

I wonder what the definition of digital slavery might become. seeing as how the internet is already funded by a privatized bank.



It's a pretty good start. But number 5 and 6 is too vague. They have to hammer out the details on those.


The Second Comi...

Chickenpants thinks the internet was just fine until the Government started fucking with it.



yeah. Reddit has been working on this for a while now. Check out http://www.reddit.com/r/fia/



Good to hear, at least that is a step in the right direction.



No company shall sell "Premium Service" that costs the same price as the game itself.

All DRM in games should and shall be abolished in favor of traditional product keys.

DLCs should not exceed $12 unless it's a "big expansion".

There we go. ^



Finally, someone who understands the internet. Gee, Lamer Smith, was that really that hard?



Signed, for rights to view source code of ANY software that communicates on your connection, from your own machine, to any other machine on the internet, without your express direction.

People should not be forced to submit passwords. (this has happened in the past) the law should protect Americans under the 5th.

Amnesty for anyone comes forward that exposes security flaws.

HARSH HARSH! punishments for those that are found guilty of identity theft. Minimum of 5 years, or deportation to Nigeria.

Not being held accountable for anything deleted.

Your computer should not have to be encrypted to not speak against you.

lets say you cheated on your taxes, if your computer has evidence on it, i think they shouldn't be allowed to just crack it open and read whats in it. Sounds radical I know, but I think your personal machine should be treated as an extension of your private mind. That doesn't include all things NOT on your computer, like ISP logs, online email, firewall history, work computer... those things would still be up for grabs.

I think somewhere someone wrote about a murder in their personal diary, and it was thrown out of court because of something like that.

Also if you agree to submit your computer for evidence in the TAX case, they should ONLY be allowed to search for "THAT" thing, they are looking for. for example, lets say you are in court for Tax fraud, but they find out you are really the King Pin of a massive human traffic ring, you should be protected from any recourse because of how that information was obtained.



Your PC is not an extension of your mind, it a transferable piece of machinery.



Not for much longer. The guy you're critiquing will be correct in the long run.


Bullwinkle J Moose

I have a right to the sourcecode of ANY software that can access the Internet from MY computer

I have the right to block ANY closed source software from accessing the Internet including but not limited to Microsoft operating systems

I have the right to physically attack and beat into unconsciousness any producer of software that accesses the Internet without my permission and violates my firewall settings such as Microsoft Security Essentials

I have the right to kill any terrorist who demands that I follow their Dirty Joo Basterd Laws but who refuse to follow mine!

"Their" Laws don't protect YOUR rights!

Only YOU can do that!



You do know you have that right? Just only install GNU or some other open source software on your PC.

If you want to pay someone to put closed source stuff on your PC (like I do) then ... i've already bored myself with this discussion.

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