Left 4 Dead DLC Reveal Coming Soon, SDK Someday



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It's sad not a word was mentioned about HL2 episode 3. Anyways at 16:14, they were talking about a "mall" map! Why miss a mall map!?! Oh yeah, bring it out on DLC or I guess I'll just wait for other people to make one out of SDK and perhaps a "dismemberment" option on video settings, though it might drastically lower game frames.

 **I'm also waiting for "Witch" skins from the Mod community. Mainly Courtney Love, Olsen Twin, and Bald Britney! Ah forget the two, give me a Bald Britney!


...and what does this have to do with porn?



Gentlemen, please check your time conversions...

Maybe in a month... for the announcement?
Then three weeks for the release...
And after that, 1 hour for the bug-fix.
Can I hear a "WTF?" for valve time?

This comes from a Valve fanboy, which is currently waiting for his new,
second part-time job to start and will buy with his first check a copy for L4D...



A true Valve fanboy would have had the game upon release, even if it meant selling blood and begging for change in the street.  I don't think you qualify.



Dang... you're right...

 Where can I get my fanboy status removed?



And a non-valve fanboy would buy L4D at a discount before the Jan2 sale is over.

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