LED Street Lamps a Brilliant Idea, But Will Lack the Charm of Gas Lamps



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In my personal experience with Some LEDs - They do produce a decent amount of heat. I've singed myself a few times with my Streamlight LED.



 If I hold a magnafing glass under it and spin real fast, will I be able to read DVD's?


"There's no time like the future."



I'll be interested is how this goes.  LED street lamps seem like a great idea, except where the winters include snow, wind, and temps south of 0.  I seem to remember a couple of small towns (in MN maybe?) that found that the lenses freeze over in snow storms.  The LEDs don't produce heat to melt the ice and snow, as the traditional lamps did. 



Hmm... that is an interesting problem, one that we don't have down here in Texas. My guess would be to put a separate heating element in the lamps that only comes on when needed.

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