LED Lighting Might Replace Lightbulbs in Near Future



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Don't forget Flashlights and Tac lights Too!

They are right that the initial hurdle is the expense though. Sure they can save you money in the long run, but well, my Streamlight LED is around $120, so it can be a big hurdle.

I do love the LED lights we have though, I'm really excited to see them get less expensive! 


Talcum X

We have already seen LEDs take over many places in the world where the old light bulb has been in place for decades in the last 4 or so years. One would be traffic lights.  Many of those accross the country have been switched to clusters of LEDs. Another are automobile and Tractor/Trailer lights.  Many newer cars and 18 wheelers have the newer clusters of LEDs to light their breaks and directionals. This would be the next logical switch to replace the aging standards.


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