Leave Bill and Melinda Gates Alone!



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My first post here at MaximumPC, so hello everyone.

Bill Gates may be the richest guy in America, but he gives back in various forms of charity and created jobs.

The bottom line is that there is now less funding available for scholarships, grants to encourage scientific discoveries, research on how to bring wealth to the poor, finding a cure for life threatening diseases... 

If Lilly's aim is to disparage rich and greedy people, there are better choices.


Black Lable 69

To say that he has that much loot go lane & is still among the living is an achievement onto itself. After all, money is just a means to an end "In his case a lot" but once you pass on, all those numbers mean nothing to you. But all things happen for a reason, including this terrible recession. Whether you believe its spiritual or the works of some "Elite" secret society shouldn't matter. To me as long as the mans happy & doesn't see his offspring "Microsoft" cascade into flames then he can pass beyond the vail in peace when the time comes.


"There's no shame in liking a company or a person for its achievements, its no different than a celebrity or record company. In the end, to each his own & whatever floats your boat mon ami"






Poor Bill....



Bill Gates is the only rich individual that actually does something with his money instead of hoarding it all to himself. He helps people out instead of buying the 16th car..etc. 



seriously what is with the Gates bashing? Andhere ithought this would be a article on...oh...I dunno...the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

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I Jedi

I agree. Stop with the Gates bashing. It's not like the man stood outside and announced to the whole world that he wouldn't be able to enjoy eating rare lobsters on golden plates because of the 7 billion net loss.



This article is actually outdated. Bill Gates is now the Nr 1 wealthiest man in the world. Valued at 40 Billion, and Warran buffet and Carlos Slim just dropped to 38 and 37 billion. Go bill Gates! Show sam Walton you aren't done yet! I mis Bill... Hes getting old... I wish I could meet him.



*I wish I could meet him.*


Who wouldn't want to meet him he might just send you home with a very nice car or some pocket money ($3 million) 



 I agree, Bill is a guy that I'd like to meet. ANd not to throw a pie in his face, punch him or hurt him. But to actually meet the guy and have a conversation with him!


-= I don't want to be dead, I want to be alive! Or... a cowboy! =-



He picked Ballmer to succeed him... good choice... makes Mr. Gates look like even more of a saint. 


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