Leaked Windows 8 Build Contains App Store Hints



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I'm hoping it'll be something like Ubuntu's Ubuntu One (i believe its called).  So i just have to type in the name of an app and it'll download and install it immedietely without me having to go to the author's site and having to navigate to the download link.  



Honestly, what is the difference between an "App Store" and say Download.com which windows has had for years. Just a place to find/download/install software. Anyone remember Tucows? For windows, the App Store is totally "been there, done that"...



Will microsoft subsize our bandwith overages when we inevitably blow past our caps with software downloads, media streaming and patch updates? 



I'm with knexkid - that would be an idea situation.  It will reduce some of the traffic to retail chains, as people will not be visiting the stores to get software as often, but the ability to cross market to people, see the choices of free and pay-for software in one place, and the ability to get updates for software automatically.

I think not having to worry about patches for my software and games (which Steam handles pretty nicely right now) is a tremendous thing and I look forward to somone doing that for other software as well.

I can just see MS coming under fire from other software companies already, though - someone will sue if they do this.



I wanna see windows have a software repository type thing like Linux has. A one stop location for all your free and not free software. Wouldn't it be nice if after reformatting you just fire that up to download your AV, steam, browser, spyware, and all your usual goodies? I feel like that won't be happening anytime soon though :(

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