Leaked Windows 7's EULA Surprises: It's Beta 1, Virtualization OK, and More



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How do i get a copy of windows 7 version: Win7_B.1_PRO_NRL_en-US  anyway?

i'd like to test this one out.



I agree and have been impressed with the 7000 build. Hell, I was even impressed with the 6801 pre-beta build and the newest is even better. The foundation of the OS feels rock solid and the new interface design changes (while not as noticeable at first glance) have profoundly changed its ease of use and productivity from a performance stand point.

 My only qualm at this point is driver support, which really isn't a qualm at all since it's a beta. I've loaded it on a Lenovo x200 tablet I have laying around and it recognized practically all devices save a couple of more propietary components such as the Intel Turbo Memory controller and Fingerprint reader.

 If MS continues to perfect 7 in the next few months it should be a great product by the time the official launch happens. I'm not a windows fan boy and this isn't just a vista re-mix.



 I'm glad to hear all this. I may even allow myself to look forward to 7.


Hell the last "7" everyone was really into was hot and sleek (7 of 9), perhaps it's a lucky number after all.

Of course if it is good, all the Mac users will have to take the word "Vista" off their "why buy a mac" list.


"There's no time like the future."



.....Microsoft won't permit benchmarks of the beta version....I'm still waitin to see how it handles 3DMark06, and NOT some new ..."makes Windows 7 look good" ....benchmark.   :)


I don't know about anyone else, but this is starting to sound like the pre-Vista hype...that turned out to be a pile of BS  :/



yeah, I've been using it a bit since yesterday and I actually miss it while using my XP and Vista machines. I absolutely love 7!

the taskbar is great, the speed, the functonality is just fantaastic. some programs still freeze on me (IE occasionally, media player, medai center) but duh, its a beta so it aint perfect. 

 i find that switching programs with the taskbar feels very natural. it takes time getting used to which icons represent open programs and which are simply on the taskbar but i got used it quick.

 no doubt it has a similar look to macs, but i believe they expanded on some of the mac concepts and made them better and more functional. 

 i may actually buy it at launch!




I installed the beta three days ago. While the install went very quickly and the system seems much faster to boot and operate than Vista, I did run into an immediate issue with my Guitarport over the USB connection. The issue is there is a definite lag between playing the guitar and the sound arriving through the speakers. Quite disconcerting. About 0.25 sec I would guess. Does not occur with XP or Vista so I have to think there is some ongoing work with the USB stack in this beta.

 Sent a problem report already. Probably wondering why I am reporting on something I shouldn't have. I am a team player though.


Bob Cook
Montgomery, TX



I tested the previous version 6 thousand-something, and it wouldnt recognize my wireless n usb network adapter.  so i wasnt able to see if they finally resolved that retarted scan for a better wireless connection every 60 seconds issue which makes online gaming frustrating if not near impossible.

I "heard" that that abovementioned issue will be resolved in vista service pack 2.  can anyone confirm.  i'm having a devil of a time finding any information that isnt some kinda spam sale or involving an entirely different topic.




I installed and tried out my NI Audio Kontrol 1 and did not have any lag or issues.  Just to put it out there that not all USB audio hardware is having this issue.  Have you tried checking your buffer?  It has to be down to about 4 ms otherwise it's annoying when playing guitar.  Good luck!



The new taskbar is badass!
Finally someone sat down and decided to put workflow first.  Lots of improvements in that area and otherss all thru the OS.

Without a Product Key you'll only go 30 days so don't plan on using it that much till then.

Once it goes Public Beta and they start handing out Product Keys, I will definately rock in on one of my rigs full time till it expires.
I'm bummed when I have to go back to my Vista and OS X rigs. 
Win7 is just so much more fun to work on!






So far I've been happy with beta 1, but I've also intentionally been running it on a lower-end machine (dell dimension 4600c, 2.4GHz pentium 4, 512MB RAM, intel 85645 integrated graphics) and I've found that no matter what I do or how I install it, it wont run Halo.  Also had some trouble with AOL 9.1



“Animals, whom we have made our slaves, we do not like to consider our equal.”

 I just can't wait to get my hands on Windows 7. All I've read lately is that it's much lighter and performance is great. 

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