Leaked Specs Point to Possible GeForce GTX 680 Ultra Graphics Card



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Number Six

I predict a consumer card based upon GK110 won't see the light of day. GK110 is too profitable for the professional market to be wasted on gamers. The only way GK110 would make it into a consumer board is if NVIDIA is having a substantial yield of defective GK110s where two or more SMX clusters have to be disabled (and therefore it doesn't meet the minimum specs of the Tesla offerings). This means, less than 2688 CUDA cores. So, consumers won't get it unless you have a big expensive chip with a considerable amount of defects.



John Pombrio

THIS was the card I was going to wait for: The G110 version or BIG Kepler. Once they mentioned how long it would take to get to market tho... So glad that I decided on getting 3 GTX680 cards instead as they have been well used in the past year and work well with the 3 Dell 2560 by 1440 IPS monitors playing all the games my family have.
Still, I might invest in the Titan just to have a spare high end graphics card to swap out if needed.



Price blows dead goats.

Too bad nVidia & AMD don't compete any more.



I think this is an indicator the 7xx series aren't coming out soon. The truth is, too many games now barely challenge the current hardware, not like a few years back. At least we have amd's 8xxx series to look forward to, maybe in a few months time now.



It needs to come out like, yesterday.

They also need to do something about their clock limitations. Seriously, I have to run aftermarket software to run my 2560x1440 @ 120Hz? Can you say, LAME? If it weren't for enterprising individuals and PhysX I'd already have switched to the Radeon 7970.



GTX 690 Ultra? It seems Nvidia is replacing the GTX 690 with the 680 Ultra (if it comes out), so is the next 690 going to be even more powerful than it already is? Now, that, would be notable...



The 690 won't be replaced by the 680 Ultra. Nvidia has done the same thing in the past where the dual-GPU card was 2 2nd-tier cards (in this case, 680 regular) together, not 2 1st-tier cards together.



Yeah, I understand. Thinking about it though, I highly doubt they will upgrade the GTX 690 if it's still more powerful than this card.



Pass, rather have the 690 tbh, and the 680 is more than enough for most people. I'll wait for the 7 series on this one I thinks, so that they price it more reasonable.

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