Leaked Screenshots Point to Task Manager Overhaul in Windows 8



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As ever, Windows continues to focus on accomodating the "casual user" with eye-candy and convenience rated higher than any kind of utility. Looks more dumbed-down than revised, IMO. Of course, I've no idea what else they may have done or included w/ Windows 8, so I can't judge on the whole package, but Windows has been considered bloated and dumbed-down in general for a long time now, for *nix users.



Doesn't appear like it will compete with Process Explorer, which is a staple for any IT expert's toolbox (not to mention the whole Sysinternals Suite). However from the looks of it I doubt it's even attempting to do so. It seems to be helpful to accomodate the casual PC user, tho, and does look like it'll assist in merging data from both the Resource Monitor and Task Manager into a nifty convenient package.



I like it, it needed a refresh as the old task manager hasn't changed much since 95.

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