Leaked Render of Motorola's First Intel-Powered Android 4.0 Phone Hits the Web



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The last Motorola phone I had was the Motorola Q back in 2007-2008. The thing was a complete piece of garbage and was the worst phone I've ever owned - by a long shot. It was only capable of doing about half of the things as advertised. So, while I admire Motorola's optimism in being the first to release the first x86 Intel Gingerbread Android handset, forgive me if I give this one a pass and wait for something a bit more proven.



oooooh lookie...

Another completely different ui experience.



Really. Why can't Motorola figure out that nobody really likes Blur (except the Smart Actions app) and drop it? Google/Android already integrates your contacts, Facebook, etc. with a little help from the apps themselves. Android already has a utilitarian interface, that got more useful and better looking with ICS. The default ICS keyboard is actually good, too.

In short, Motorola, Android doesn't need your help with the UI. Toss in a few helpful apps for free, but just drop Blur and update your devices faster. Oh, and while you're at it, how about unlocking that bootloader like you promised last year?



I looked at the render and most of the features are still ICS. If a single widget can deliver "Another completely different ui experience", I get it about twice a week. :p



"Yes, but can it play Crysis?"

Sorry; I had to. Good for Intel... IDK why I'd want Andriod on x86-64. What are the benefits?

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