Leaked Memo Confirms T-Mobile Still Won't Run with iPhone Crowd



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I believe I read an article not too long ago that said Verizon employees were trying to sell Android phones and were pushing iPhones to the back of the line. I wonder why there's a lot of anti-iPhone behavior going on from the cell providers. Bigger commissions from selling Android phones?



One thing that seems to never be mentioned anywhere is the fact that MANY people who buy Android or Windows phones WILL NOT buy any Apple devices.

If certain Samsung phones aren't being sold anymore, it doesn't mean that people will buy an iphone. In what I believe to be most cases, these people will buy another Android device or, less likely, turn to Windows phones.

A sale lost by Samsung is in no way a sale gained by Apple.
(I just came up with that. I promise not to sue if you repeat it somewhere else ;))




Clearly T-Mobile doesn't NEED the iPhone as bad as Apple enthusiasts think they do. They are doing just fine without it and the Galaxy S III is still flying off the shelves. And now that they are going to be starting this unlimited data thing in September I can imagine AT&T and Verizon will be losing customers to them left and right. And when they are GAINING customer base WITHOUT the iPhone that alone proves that a carrier doesn't need it to survive in the smartphone market place.



I for one like samsung products. I also like moto products. But I can't express this enough:

Apple blows chunks.



How do these memos and rumors keep getting out? Is security non-existent at these companies? Are they leaking this stuff on purpose?

If I had a company and I wanted to do some corporate espionage, I could save a beaucoup of money on hiring an actual corporate spy by just googling, so prolific are these apparent security leaks.

I know that I won't miss Samsung, Motorola has impressed me more. It is interesting that T-Mobile is peddling quasi-universal SIM card kits, that could be worth looking into when their "truly unlimited data" plan kicks in. Their cellular coverage will still be pitiful, but if I can eke out unlimited 4g where I need it, well, that could put a wedge in my relationship with Big Red, who only throws 4 GB/month crumbs to me from its throne, alms given to a paying plebe like me in Big Red's "infinite mercy" ;)

Rigum frigum ragum fragum data cap...

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