Leaked Intel Roadmap Reveals Core i9, Core i3 and Everything In-between



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I am happy with core i7 right now. Most likely I will wait until intel moves away from LGA 1366. I'll upgrade to the last cpu designed for socket 1366, until then my core i7 920 will be just fine.


Talcum X

 Completely off topic, but what is the java script (or other meathod) you use for images to pop up enlarged when clicked as you have here on the raodmap.  I am wanting to incorporate this affect on my own website. Where can I find it if it's offered to the public.

 Thank you.


 Found it, snooped the source code for a while and found Thickbox.


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as soon as app developers catch up with the idea of programmming for multiple cores. Otherwise, I'm just waiting to see stock 4Ghz speeds before my next upgrade or a game worth upgrading for.



Well, lets see, I upgraded from an i7 920 CO step to an i7920 DO step so you betcha. I will wait a little while however, at least a few weeks :-)


Number Six

Core i9 was roadmapped the past summer and reported here:





I took a look at the link and that was an old roadmap.

No mention of the core i5S, and the Core i9 is shown as Q1 2010, that is no longer the case.

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