Leaked Duke Nukem Forever Footage Appears



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Would anyone want to play that? It looks really dated.



those graphics hurt me



This is Valve engine i think, Valve was involved too later on as some legal paper reveled so after 2011 or something the Duke take some action other than 3D Realms. Still hard know if this is just some post-mortem leaks or is something else. 



You should have just released the damn game in 1997, instead of waiting almost 15 damn years later! Stupid move, 3D Realms!



Daikatana 2!  Trespasser 2 with tessellated....appendages, maybe ray traced!



I agree with the Daikatana comment.  It's gonna be horrible.  Also reminds me of Chinese Democracy by GNR, took forever...sucked.


Keith E. Whisman

Duke Nukem Not Ever, Duke Nukem probably never, Duke Nukem Vaporware forever and Duke Nukem Dead Forever.

I think that we should just forget about any sequels and just keep the memories of how great DN3 3D was. I'll never forget about the dancers that would give you a show when you looked at one and pressed the action key and those pig cops were awesome.

I'm going to go ahead and just forget about the sequel and just look forward to other games. DN3D will always be in my heart and sole. I'm only sad that my children wont ever know what a true FPS is really like. 



I watched an online interview awhile ago with the guys from 3D realms and they were soooo addicted to WOW that they never finished DNF or any other games. Its pretty funny when an MMO that ruins alot of peoples lives actually wrecks a developer. I believe the quote was "We wanted to Finish DNF but we want are level 70 characters too".

P.S. I wish Valve would buy it patch it up and throw it on steam.


Keith E. Whisman

Perhaps they should have sold the rights to Duke Nukem a long time ago. Perhaps a long list of Duke games would have been released by now. 

As before I'm still calling it Duke Nukem Taking Forever. 



If this is anything short of the greatest game of all time created by man it will be a letdown.



So ironic.. DNF - Dune Nukem Forever - Did Not Finish.. xD
I bet we'll just see more and more footage for the next decade or so. Who know's, maybe even our children will actually play it. ;)

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