Leaked: Dell Latitude “Welch” 10" Netbooks for the Kids



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This is probably an early April Fool's Day joke.

If Dell was going to release a laptop targetted at kids, they wouldn't release it under the Latitude moniker.  They'd either make a new brand name or use the existing Inspiron name as Latitude has always been Dell's line of mainstream business laptops.








 This better be WAAAAY under 600 dollars. with most netbooks in the 300 dollar range, and even some pretty good starter lap tops like the acer line for under 400 I would be hard pressed to find it ok to spend 600 bucks on a atom processor kids toy.


If they plan on making it, they better get thier heads in the game and think CHEAP !!!









blindly Going Where many have gone before but often failing to read the directions!



 Hmm...$600 could get much more for that, but I guess its weight>performance for school.


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