LCD TV Shipments Drop for First Time Ever, DisplaySearch Says



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Well, I still haven't upgraded to a HDTV. ;) I'm still rocking an old higher-end CRT SD TV, and the picture looks pretty sharp still (for HD). Most of my TV watching is done on my PC (1080) or phone (qHD) so I haven't been pressed to upgrade.

If this revelation drops prices even further, then hey, I'm game. I also wish that we'd get to 4K, but I can't help but think that the higher resolution would be wasted for _years_. Network television seems content to stay put at 720, and modern game consoles struggle to even get that high.


Philippe Lemay

About time I say, the market has been stagnant for too long now. Yet most prices stay near 1000$ for a respectable TV size. No amount of 3D or smart TV gimmicks will save them, TV manufacturers need to get serious and innovate! Otherwise they'll wind up like the RAM market, trying to ship tons of stuff identical to what everyone already owns.

People tend to buy if they can trade up, not stay where they were 3 years ago.



i know two different people who actually went as far as to return their LCD for an LED because they last longer and was cheaper. there is a price gap that people are after as well. :( its no mystery.



Market saturation and 4K is on the horizon. Heck it should be here already.



My guess is that part of the reason is due to the fact that for the past X number of years everyone was in a "transition" from older style TV's to LCD flat screens. They've only started becoming cheaper and more affordable within the last 5-8 years. I've had mine for 3 or 4 years now and besides wanting a bigger screen it serves it's purpose just fine and I have no desire to buy another. They threw in the 3D gimmick to try and boost sales, and I'm sure it worked to some extent, but a lot of us aren't buying it. When I finally buy a new TV will I consider 3D? Sure, but it's not enough to persuade me into getting a new TV right now.



Maybe it's because a brand new 1080p "HD"TV is EXACTLY the same asthe ones from 5 years ago. Seriously, higher display resolution should have come years ago.



Yeah I think its from saturation. I have LCDs throughout my house and dont see the need to buy another one until one of them dies out. Sure I could always go bigger, but my 55" seems big enough for my basement while the living room and bedrooms have 46" & 42" in them. TV sales were bound to slow down once everybody jumped on the flat panel LCD train...



hopefully that means prices will drop in the next few months. I bought a DLP like 4 years ago and since it's working just fine, never felt the need to get an LCD. Maybe it's time to move the old dog to the living room and get me a new LCD puppy for my bedroom :)



You are better off with your DLP then LCD. Im sure the DLP is a bit fat and doesnt look as cool and slim as LCD. But pic wise, I feel is way better on DLP then LCD. If you wanted plasma per se, then I would agree with you.



If I had to guess I would say its probably a combination of our still weak economy and we're probably reaching market saturation. Unless Im mistakin, TVs haven't really changed all that much (ignoring the advent of 3d tv)...

My LCD tv i bought 5 years ago works just as well as any other new one i've seen so theres no need to replace it. Even if there was, its much cheaper to get a used one from craigslist or something.

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