LCD Makers Accused of Price Fixing (Again)



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I've said it before:  Put ONE of these CEO's in prison for life and you won't have this problem any more.



Keith E. Whisman

I think they've been sued at least twice already and because they are making so much money they figure it's worth it to just pay the fines and keep the prices fixed. You pretty much have to threaten and then carry out physical punishment on these guys to get your point across. It's going to take the use of public corporal punishment. Put the CEO's and other offenders in stockades in public streets and avenues and whip them. It works.. Oh yeah we can't do that because we are a civilized society being anally raped by these repulsive fucks that don't know how to spell civilized.  These guys are the bad guys. These guys are the guys that make life hard. The system as we know it only works when there is free and honest competition. Fixing prices destroys that and robs society of innovation.

Look at internet technology in the US, look at how slow it is compared to where it should be if honest competition was working. We should all have 1Gb or better connections to the internet at $30bucks a month by now. 

Public flogging, at least to me, appears to be the only thing that can actually have a positive effect on the US market. People wont want to be flogged so they'll be alot more careful to not get caught or don't commit the crime at all.

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