LCD Displays to Cost More in December



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How in the he...devil can prices be INCREASING with all the suits for price FIXING?

Also, if you order a monitor you don't know what you're getting because parts (screens mainly) vary to what's available to the manufacturer at the time (even in the same model). Some being vastly inferior to others.



 Sick of hearing this stuff where products go up in prices. It's never going to go down in price overnight anyways. 

I bought My 24' ASUS 1080p monitor on BF for $200.00. The way I look at it is that you get  what you pay for. No sense in me wasting on a cheaper monitor if I won't be entirely satisfied..


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I wanted to get new monitors for both my desk and my sim racing cockpit and had been searching for good prices for months to no avail.  This past weekend my home server died so I went to Fry's to get a replacement and finally yielded to temptation and got a 24" LG for $249 and a 27" LG for $379.  That's more than I wanted to pay but I trust the brand and I'm happy with the products.

 My theory is that all the production capacity has gone to producing flat-screen TVs so the price of larger monitors has gone up because demand is exceeding supply.  Maybe intentionally, maybe not, but a couple years ago, I got a 26" LG for about $260 and despite the prices of most stuff going down because of the economic mess, the prices of monitors hasn't budged.



Let the self-serving price-fixing lawsuits flood in.

You can have your recession. I'm not participating.





There was an Acer 22" on sale for $110 the past couple of days of the Egg, but that's gone now :( There's a nice deal on a 22" LG for 160 tough :)

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