Latest Way to Misuse Google Earth: Stealing Expensive Fish



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is this for real?



We should probably destroy all of our satelite imagery. While we are at it, better get rid of gps, just think of how easy it makes high speed getaways..... why didn't I think of this earlier?! CARS! If we outlawed cars it would be alot harder to rob banks. Oh, and money, lets do away with that. Can't steal anything if there is nothing to steal.

I hate people who flip out about privacy and want to do away with things that obviously make most peoples life simpler just because a hand full of people abuse it. It all goes back to the old statement, "Guns don't kill people, people kill people."



and while we're at it...why don't we ignore the 2nd amendment and outlaw guns? Aren't those responsible for killing people?



actually, we should totally, should do that(no sarcasm)



The question I have is, why do they keep talking about Google Earth?  Aren't the same type of maps available on Google Maps?



Never ceases to amaze me on how people are so quick to blame Google maps and the like on things like this. But, the same people will Twitter, Myspace & Facebook information to anyone they see.


I Jedi

Yes, the power to misuse ulimately lies in the hands of the people and not the power itself.



So I'm confused. If the pond couldn't be seen, how was it SEEN? I know a lot of pond keepers, they love to show off their ponds. Koi stealing has been going on long before the internet. In fact, stealing has been going on since the beginning of mankind. Point the finger at our brains, not the tools we use. 

I've tried to see local ponds from the maps, and you can't tell a dark shape is a pond or a tree shadow, imo... unless it is something like the pond pictured. Where it is REALLY big!

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