Latest Update in the Seagate Firmware Upgrade Saga



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Check Seagates site for their newly released firmware...



Seagate is really stupid for letting this go as far as it has.  They should be devoting a lot of their resources to solving the problem, because its going to hurt them hard in sales.  Before this, all I bought was Seagate but I went with a Velociraptor main with 3 Samsungs in Raid-5 for storage. 

It's probably surpassed the Deathstar debacle as far as HD faux pas.



Yeah, I'm going to wait a week or two before installing the new firmware.  Seagate rushed the first time, and this release was certainly rushed (again) to fix a problem they caused the first time. 



 I was lucky that my 2 1TB drives didn't crap out when I installed the firmware that was released on Monday. My 2 500GB's were affected though. The biggest issue that I have, is the technical support. Chat support was useless, as soon as you'd mention the word firmware, they wouldn't talk to you at all, and you'd have to wait an hour or more on hold waiting for the phone support to answer! Seagate should have had more people on the phones, and extended their phone support hours when this all started. And told their chat support agents to stop punting users.


-= I don't want to be dead, I want to be alive! Or... a cowboy! =-



Ah yes the infamous, here try this we hope to hell it works, if it doesn't don't worry we are still working on it.  Your data is still safe, you can't use the drive, but hey we understand your frustration give us some time.



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