Latest Trend: University Dorms Ditch Landlines



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I go to the University of Virginia. That money will actually be used to fund their Financial Aid grant program, which allows me to go there. 


Also, I have served two internships for my major and am heading into my third year of school. Some schools encourage internships for their students beyond the normal requirements. UVA is a top-notch institution that turns out the best recruits for their jobs. Please understand who you are talking about before you bash my school. 


And yes, I have never used a landline in the dorms there so this is a good move to get rid of something that really isn't necessary for the students. 



Considering how tight budget is for universities and colleges, this is a good move - IMO. I was a freshman in 2004 at the University of MN, and we each had a landline in each dorm. I had a phone, and used it occasionally because I didn't have a cell phone back then. I got my first cell phone 2 months later after moving in, and never used the landline since. And kids rarely called their parents long-distance via landline because long-distnace calls via landline were expensive. Besides, with cell plans, all mintues are free after 7pm with Sprint at least.



I would follow suit if I didn't need my landline for internet connection. Yes, I am aware I can have a "dry loop" ran, but the ISP I have won't allow that (I know I am getting screwed over but I'll deal with it).



you took the words right out of my mouth



the saved funds benefit the students the most "primarily through re-allocating those resources into other student programs."

Too bad they don't want to use this money for a good cause, such as lowering tuition costs for the students.  They're as bad as the government.  Instead of taking money they save by giving it back to their constituents (i.e.  students) in a meaningful way, they just spend it elsewhere.



Yeah, considering how little kids actually learn in school these days - I do a lot of hiring and am always surprised by the fact that most kids don't actually know anything about their 'major' - you would think they would be charging less for these so-called 'educations', not more every year.

Anyway, I am sure the school administration will appreciate the bonus check.


Keith E. Whisman

The schools need to push the kids into doing a minimum internship for their major. My major actually has 1 credit hour for internship. (go figure). How hard is it to find a local company to take on an employee that'll work for free for a few months? Maybe a couple hours a day, a few days a week.

If the student has an internship then the school is going to make certain that the student is ready for lite duty.



Aw, beat me to it. Yeah, that's not going back to the students. Probably into teacher pensions.



Teacher's pensions? yeah, right.  Most schools are cutting salaries and benefits.  The money will probably be spent on athletics.

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