Latest Study Reminds Us That We Have Poor Broadband Connections



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Once we teach those darn seals and Polar Bears to do more then online shopping at Canadian Tire, we might get them to upgrade. 

 There isn't a whole lot in Northern Ontario, Manitoba, BC, Alberta, Labradour.

 PLus trying to lay cable in Arctic tundra is a bitch!  Mind you great opportunity for wireless, if the seals an Polar bears used it.

 (written by someone who has lived in blackness almost 6 months of the year in the Arctic)




Don't worry.  Your internet may only be ranked 16th but you're still number 1 in the fatass sector.  GJ americans.



...  And the American obesity situation has exactly what to do with this?  GJ being relevant non-American.


As for explanations on this.  In case no one noticed, the U.S. is a pretty large fucking country in terms of land area.  Third largest on the globe if I recall correctly.  Look at how the other large land mass countries did on this.  Find the original source and you'll see Canada was below the US as was the UK (just had to throw that in even though it's a small land mass nation just in case you're being the stereotypical Brit with disdain for Americans).  Brazil, China, India - all ranked terribly with scores closer to zero than reasonably, and all are within the 7 largest countries in the world.  Russia and Australia scored relatively comparably to the US - Australia is a fuzz smaller than the US in terms of land mass and Russia is largest in the world by practically double.  


My point?  Broadband typically requires laying cable.  When you have a shit-ton of land to lay cable on with comprably less people in that area (remember, a HUGE portion of the US is rural - in fact those are the folks where these broadband penetration numbers are terrible), of course penetration isn't going to be as good.  We're still at the point where broadband is vastly easier to implement in countries with relatively small land mass and large concentrations of people...  Shocked that Japan tops it?  Hardly.



I was just trying to cheer you up by pointing out you're still number one at something.

also you may want to look here before you try and speculate which countries have the advantage.  Landmass itself doesn't cover the whole issue:

US: 31 people/km²

Russia: 8.4 people/km²

Canada: 3.2 people/km²

Australia: 2.6 people/km²

 I guess I was just peeved with the article assuming I was an American, the fact that you think your internet sux (cuz it's better than what I get),  some other articles I've read on this site trying to poke fun at other countries.  I buy this magazine too, please don't belittle my county.



Really those statistics kinda establish what I was saying, though...  You left out Japan at 339.  My point was that relative to Japan, all those countries have a lower population density...  And the fact that Canada is behind the US is kinda reinforced by those numbers.  I'm inclined to say that it rides more so on the actual land mass than population density...  Because population density is in theory a measure of how urban the country is, but it can be misleading because you can have packed urban as in lots of Japanese cities or you can have a slightly more spread out (yet still very urban) situation like in a lot of US metropolitan areas.  I could be wrong there, but I'd say it's pretty clear that land mass and population density (concentration of people - I did refer to that in my original post) both play a role. 

Although, actually, it may come down to something even simpler...  Urban v/s. rural population.  I think in general, broadband penetration in urban areas is pretty good and not nearly as good in rural areas.  Then you've got the poverty situation too - I think that's part of what's hurting China.

It's a really complicated issue as you implied, that's for sure.  I wish it was better everywhere, not just the US.

And don't worry about the international pokes...  On the podcast they go so far as to make fun of states (you know, like, parts of our own country.  Heh).  I'm pretty certain it's all meant in good humor (like I'm realizing your fatass jest probably was).



 A side note for anyone considering Fios. Do your research. The salesmen either tend not to know everything, or not to tell you everything. Get it all in writing. Read internet comments. Get a copy of someone's bill and see what it's like before signing up, and find someone with the TV service and play with it before getting it. I personally didn't find it "ready for prime time", and didn't think what I got was worth paying "that much" more for. But hopefully your experiences with them will be better.


"There's no time like the future."



Uh how come maxpc keeps on repeating and repeating already posted news?



I say we use this as an excuse to dig across the nation to lay more fiber.



That's exactly why Comcast and other providers put a bandwidth limit, And throttle connections. To hell with all that "Anti-Piracy" B.S. They just know that their crappy infrastructure is well crappy, And can't keep up with provider's speed in other countries. Also personally I rather have a low download limit, With a fast connection. Instead of a throttled connection and a high download limit.


Now I'll go cry because I get kicked out of some kick-ass Counter Strike servers because of my ping. 

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