Latest LG Netbook Features Splashtop Instant-on OS



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very unhappy with this unit.

 what was adverised as a step forward in wireless capability has proven to be nothing of the sort.

 windows cannot access wireless adapter, spashtop os cannot access hard drive. very poor arrangement.

 lg support non-existent.

poor keyboard layout as well... shift key difficult to hit.

probably will not buy another lg product.





These netbooks are cute and all, but I was using a friend's this weekend and finally checked one out. It really is borderline useless for doiny anything else except checking email and cruising the web. 10 inches is just ridiculously small for doing anything sort of productive. I it's good for traveling and what not, but for any real sort of work it just seems way too small. Perhaps a 14 inch screen or 13 but 10 inches is just ridiculous.


Pentium 0

Apparently only the S10e model has the instant on feature from what i've read.



"The X120 is only the second netbook to have Splashtop instant on technology – the first being Lenovo IdeaPad S10"

I just got an S10 and I haven't found an "instant-on" feature.  Not interested in it anyway.  I have Windows 7 running on my S10 and  it's purring like a kitten.

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