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I received my 32gb prime today. It was per ordered 11/22



Pre-orders have been sent out since yesterday. GameStop upgraded the shipping speed for free on their orders (I would have mine from them Thursday). Amazon cancelled the orders and are having the customers re-order them (though they got a gift card as a bonus). Best Buy gave customers the option to cancel the order, and did start shipping their orders yesterday.



After several changed dates on my pre-order via Amazon (I ordered on 11/22) I can tell you the statement below isn't true for everyone. Mine is due for delivery today or tomorrow and the package was last seen at the delivery facility 5 miles from my house.


Out of those four, only one (Newegg) lists an ETA, which is currently December 27, 2011. Don't put a ton of faith into a December release, however, as we've been hearing January is a more likely launch candidate.



Amazon took my (pre)order as well.  Status is currently "Not Yet Shipped", and no date estimate, but this represents a change from a week ago - when they weren't even taking orders.




My understanding was that Amazon cancelled a pile of pre-orders (sent out email to that effect anyways) a week or so ago.  ASUS's marketing department has really mucked this one up if they were wanting to do a Christmas release (which IMHO would have seriously made a dent in the iPad market).

There was also a rumour that the release was being delayed up here in Canada due to WiFi issues.  There were a couple reviews that mentioned that the wifi was slightly worse or horribly worse than the wifi on the original Transformer.  Apparently the wifi receiver on the Prime really doesn't like Apple products.

Either way, I'll be sorta patiently waiting for my wife to buy me my (now to be after with the release delay) Christmas present 


Holly Golightly

I think the Asus Transformer is the coolest tablet money can buy. The Asus Transformer Prime is even better. I think all tablets should come with detachable keyboards. Giving the customers the best of both worlds. Can't go wrong with that. I wonder which color I should choose.

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