Latest Battlefield Bad Company 2 Patch Boots SecuROM from Steam Version



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If you've played the Battlefied franchise since its inception, you would know that the games get better with age.  Patches are usually spot-on with their fixes.  I didn't want to wait and honestly, BFBC2 may be the best money i've spent on a game in 2010, maybe the last 6 months.  I highly recommend buying it through Steam.

 The only problems I've encountered have been with the clunky server browser.  You either have to wait a very long time for the server list to pop up or you can just hit "cancel" after a few seconds and you get your list...Despite the minor problems I've spent a lot of time in this game.  So have a ton of other people.  It's amazing.



I hear people are having issues with the game. The only problem I have encountered is my Friends List was reset.
No connection issues at all. It has been a very smooth online game for me.



Well bummer. I got my copy off of Impulse. Since Stardock doesn't require a client to be running in the background, I doubt EA will remove SecuROM from that one. Although that is a bit unfair if everybody else has to put up with the limited activations. I could maybe see for a retail copy, but if you bought it digitally from Stardock on Impulse, I think they should remove SecuROM there as well.



Since the RIA has given entertainment publishers the right to steal and screw over consumers, I no longer buy games when they are realeased. I wait either for the them to go on clearance at 75% off or buy used at 80% off!


Either way, no game is worth the $50-60 upon release as the buyer now becomes the gametester but you do not get paid!



PC gamers are different and in general games that you play online.

If you wait for a game to drop 75% in price and then try to play that game online. Chances are no one will be playing and online. 

I don't buy games that don't have compelling online aspects.



this could theoretically be the last game i buy; the hassles are beginning to outweigh the payoffs.

once HL2ep3 comes out, i might actually be done with gaming.


I Jedi

Honestly, I had to read the entire article to make sure I wasn't somehow reading the title wrong. I cannot BELIEVE that a gaming publisher would strip DRM off of its game, even if it is just for Steam. Hell, for that, it just makes me want to buy BC2 for some odd reason that I cannot figure out? Maybe because I want to praise a developer for actually not screwing customers over with SecuROM now?



 their bodwah was already full for impulse and store front so they turned the Steamy one away.

Coming soon to --Tokusatsu Heroes--
Five teenagers, one alien ghost, a robot, and the fate of the world.



It amazes me that ppl are still willing to put up with this crap and
shell out $50+ for this game to only be screwed in the end and plagued
with bad code.Sure as hell not worth that much to me. $20 would be a fair price. If the game sucks after you opened it from retail or got it through steam, you are at a loss.


Mighty BOB!

I wonder, if we have a retail install of BC2 and then pull it into Steam, if the patch will then remove the SecuROM..



 I don't think Steam supports transferring your BC2 game from retail boxed to steam. There are only a select few games that support that. And adding a "non-steam game to Steam" just adds a shortcut so the game can be launched from the Steam app. IT doesn't alter anything else.


-= I don't want to be dead, I want to be alive! Or... a cowboy! =-



"Take Care of" Not "Take of"



 Oh my god I hope this fixes all of the connection issues. Great game, bad bugs. 


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