LastPass Comes to Rescue of Xmarks with Bag of Money



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As a mostly Chrome user, I didn't have the option of Foxmarks, so relied on Xmarks for both bookmarks, and more importantly passwords, to sync between my various machines.  I offered to pay for the service, and will do so when that's available.



I was a little upset when I read a while back that foxmarks was gonna be closing up shop, but I also knew that the upcoming firefox 4 had a similar feature built in. I now have been using FF4 beta for about a month now and Firefox sync is just as good if not better than xmarks, and it's built in. So I figured since xmarks was going away and switched over to FF sync. My question is will people stay with xmarks or start to use FF sync once FF4 is officially released?



FF sync is good if you only use FF, but people like me that switch between FF, Chrome, and IE, need something that sync across all browsers.

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