Last Minute Windows 7 Concept Ads Shot with 5D Mark II



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Linking to videos that aren't viewable isn't the epitome of top notch tech blogging.



 I'm really hoping that Microsoft can shut Apple up good with a solid ad campain. As it's already seen from the RC and RTM, Windows 7 looks poised to smack the shit out of MacOS. I've noticed Apple running the same tired old ad's over and over again. Lately, they seem to be running "Laptop Hunter" parody ads.

I'm curious as to why Microsoft hasn't had their legal team contact Apple about the slanderous and false claims in the majorty of the Apple ads that are on TV.


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What cracks me up is some of the just outright false claims that apple makes in their commercials. Calling macs more secure than PCs is laughable. Its like me leaving the front door of my house open but calling it secure because my neighborhood doesn't usually have break ins. If I was MS I would  air a commercial with a clip of justin long saying mac is more secure, followed by a clip of a mac being hacked in under 2 minutes at pwn 2 own. Fade to windows 7 logo with the words, "No lies, just facts."

MS, if you want to contact me for an ad campaign, shoot me an email >.>



It could be because they are rich enough, or 90 % of the market share is enough for them.

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