Last Ditch Effort to Save Windows XP



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...after learning that M$ is going with SIX versions of Windows 7!

M$ doesn't care about computer users.  What they care about is bloating your system, slowing it down, and shaking computer users down for every last penny they own.

I wish Steve Jobs would get off his behind and put OS X on shelves for non-Apple computers.  Computer users would stampede Apple stores nationwide.




Talcum X

 XP will live on at all thoese who already have it.  I wont switch to Vista any time soon.  So I dont see the big deal.  All the options are there for future machines and those who have it dont need to buy it again, plus the future support.  Time to move on.  We had to do that to 98 in the wake of ME, waiting for XP...time to do it again.


Every morning is the dawn of a new error.

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