Laser Hard Drives Could Someday Mean Blazing Fast Performance



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I Jedi

Yeah, I'll hold my breath on this one, too, but I do hope it eventually comes forth. 



The storage field is killing it recentley, as if 500gb increases in storage weren't enough, we got 300gb raptors now, io fusion is coming out with a PCI-4x 80gb storage with 800mb/s read, ocz vertex ssds better than intel's and for half the price. Having said that, I think this tech could be a bit late to the party, 1tb/s reads are coming in at least a year or two, and SSDs sound a heck of a lot more dependable, and smaller. Also laser tech sounds very expensive, especially with precision reading that 1tb/s requires, and by that time SSDs will be cheap as chips.



Pretty interesting tech news. I'm assuming the 1TB transfer rate is theoretical though, and that real world performance would be less.   I'm also doubtful that the physical technology is up to 1TB transfer rates (considering it's in the 1 GB range with the really high end drives (and usually much less)).

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