Large-Size LCDs Plummeting in Cost. Is It Time to Splurge on That 30" Display?



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Joe The Plummer had a 32" Toshiba Regza for $599.99 with free shipping. Got it two days after I ordered it.

I procrastinated for 4 days before finally picking it up. All the reviews and comments I could find on the net praised this LCD. The next day they had the price back up to $749.99 after I purchased it. Glad I did it. And yes this set looks great.

The cheapest it can be found now is $679.99 at eCost.



We thought Al Gore wanted us to conserve energy and use alternative sources to protect the environment. Now we known he just wants to make sure there is still enough power for him to run his 3 30" LCDs.



This is welcome news indeed!  Thanks for the heads up on this, I'll have to start saving up some money.  Those big dell monitors are sweet

oh, and I love the picture :)

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