Laptop Maker Quanta Sues AMD, Claims AMD Supplied Defective Chips



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I wonder if they're talking about the Turion X2 CPUs from back in the mid-to-late 2000s.

I have two HP laptops from that era with TL-52 and TL-56 CPUs, and the thermals...well, let's just say that even with Arctic Silver 5 and additional shims installed between the heat spreader and the GPU, the CPUs idle in the mid-50 to low-60C range, especially the TL-56.

Combine that with the defective soldering and the bad nVidia GPUs (GeForce Go 6150s with high levels of lead in the substrate of the chip), and the picture above isn't that far from the truth.



I had a HP DV6000 with a TL-56 AND a Geforce 6150. Never had heat related problems with it and it survived two tours in Iraq. The TL-56 never had thermal problems. People just NEVER clean anything. 



Processors don't blow up.  However they will get up to 300+ degree's (especially AMD processors) smoke alittle and stop working.  I could see them setting something on fire that wasn't fire retardent or properly protected by a coating of some sort.  


I've had ONE AMD processor burn out on me, way back when AMD Athlon XP and Duron's were available.  I smelled something burning, the computer shut off and I saw a small cloud of smoke come out of my computer.  Everything in the computer was fine, however the processor was toast. 



Oh yes they do. Back in the day I had a Prescott Pentium 4....which most of the people here dont even remember I bet. It sure as shit blew up and burnt the entire computer case. 


Ive been an AMD fan ever since. 



looks like an hp laptop in the picture. now is that a intel or a windows stamp on the side.



Looks like an XP sticker.

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