Lala Opens to the Public Today, Is Music to Our Ears



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I was just curious if anyone else is using ?

I've been listening to several different 'stations' made up of my own personalized mixes, ever since my son turned me onto it several months ago.

I'll look into, but I tend to doubt that I'd give up my completely free streaming music, that can change as my mood changes, and still offers me the opportunity to purchase songs/albums IF I want them...and without any 'nag screens' to boot!



I have a hard time with the idea Apple would allow them on the App Store... I hope so though. i used to use Lala way back when it was a CD trading service, traded a couple hundred CD's that way.



in theory couldn't take any random mp3, put in your own id3 data then convince lala that way that you own the song?



They claim VBR averaging 256Kb. Not bad, but I won't be happy until online music sites offer both FLAC and MP3 rips. It would be worth paying 10-15 cents more per song for FLAC.




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