LaCie DataShare Turns Puny SD Cards Into Burly Thumb Drives



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i already have a zillion diffrent SD card readers, what will this let me do that's any diffrent?  I have a bunch of small-capacity SD cards that are useless because the size is way too small. If I could stack a bunch of old low-capacity SD cards of various sizes, and combine thier storage into a single USB drive (like a RAID) would help extended (and recycle) those old memory flash cards. Yet still keep it small enough to let me drop it into my pocket, or keychain.




The design is stupid. It will require removing the whole reader from the usb to change the card.


Pentium 0

There are plenty of thumb-drive formfactor card readers out there like the sandisk mobilemate sd that are much more...slimline.



The one $9.99 piece is two parts. One for the MicroSd's (white) and the one for the SD's ( red )

 The big rectangle hole on the left sides of both pieces make it possible to connect both the red and white to carry around.




Can someone help me out, what exactly is going on in that picture?  Which of those things is what LaCie is trying to sell me, that floating USB nub?  I find the right side of the illustration most confusing.



roninnder, click the link to the site, and there's a flash animation that shows you how it works. All it does is both halfs combine together for portablility, but i find it useless.  At least it dosen't cost $50, if this was designed by Apple it would.


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