Kuwait to Non-Journalists: No DSLR for You!



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The article states that the DSLR ban in Kuwait has been retracted.



I just don't know what else can be said about it.



The resoning behind this is absurd when it applies to cameras in Kuwait, but perfectly reasonable when applied to firearms in the USA. Evil Black Rifle? Nay, Evil Black Camera!




Like a poster said, it's not really about protecting their people, rather, to protect themselves from people.  It'll all a matter of control and ensure public submission.



Yeah the US shouldn't have left. It should have kept an occupying army and controlled the country via a puppet government. That would have ensured true freedom for the Kuwaitis.



The reasoning is pretty silly, and certainly too stupid for a law to be based on. The point is correct, though. I take lots of pictures of buildings, and I get a lot of nervous looks. I can't imagine the reaction I'd get if I wasn't white.

It sounds to me like a handful of government ministers who know nothing about cameras having a bad idea.

You're actually not allowed to take SLR cameras to a lot of events in the US. Sporting events and concerts in the like... the companies in charge don't want you recording media when they have given the rights to someone else to sell back to you. I know that's a far cry from Government censorship, I just thought I'd point it out.



And the USA liberated this country from Saddam Hussein in the name of freedom so they could do this with it? I I hope the current US administration bothers to protest this, but I bet they won't. 


Mighty BOB!

One of the worst forms of censorship..



I think they're just much further along the paranoid path that most countries are on.  The rest of us just haven't reached there yet.

I wonder how they will make the determination...especially with superzooms that aren't dslrs but can look like them.  What about regular film slrs?

I feel sorry for the Kuwaiti hobbyists, I really do...



I think you've missed the most obvious application for this law--censorship. With the government given the power to restrict who can have a type of camera, they will license only government-approved photographers. This means that the government will make sure that there are no watch dogs in the media, no one to check their activities. The government will ensure that photographers become their propagandists, their loyal servants. All this is being done in the name of protecting the people, when their true interest is protecting the government from the people. 

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